Top Management

Facilitating valuable decision to improve Company performances concerning BD Evaluation, Business Reingeneering, Business Modeling and Optimization, Setting KPI and MBO.

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Strategic Planning Team & MKT Access

Acquiring MKT Insights and Drivers, in order to build up a Valuable Product Propositions, a profittable Life Cycle Planning and achiaveble Forecasting

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MKT Research & Business Intelligence

Achieving a deep knowledge of Market, Competitors, Customers and Brand

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Commercial Operation (MKT & Sales)

Monitoring Performances and Indetifying Leverages to Maximise Brand Penetration, Customers Database and FF Effectiveness Programs to improve Sales performance

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An EXPERT TEAM in the Healthcare providing tailored MKT RESEARCH and CONSULTANCY SUPPORTING the Management to take VALUABLE BUSINESS DECISIONS.

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In 30 years, Medi-Pragma has delivered over 3.300 Business Projects (MKT Research and Consultancies) in the Field of Healthcare. We have Learned a large number of Business “Lessons” which represent a valuable asset for Medi-Pragma to transfer to our Customers. Our proprietary Source of Strategic Information can be disclosed on demand.










Medi-Pragma team is composed of Senior Experts, who were Managers or Technicians for the most important Pharma companies. Medi-Pragma has a solid Competence in all the Healthcare areas.










Medi-Pragma is a Solution Oriented Partner as we approach each new Projects with Simplicity, Spirit of Innovation and Methodology. We believe the “Customized Project” approach can better meet customer’s expectations because it can help the Management take VALUABLE Business Decision.










Medi-Pragma proprietary Facilities are located in Rome and Milan. We have a wide and well established network of Partners’ Studios located in the main Italian cities. Our Customers can always follow Fieldwork Operations live, both via Web or personally, in Medi-Pragma Studios. Medi-Pragma Studios are flexible; thanks to the sliding walls we can host very Large Meetings, Focus Groups and IDIs simultaneously. Our Studios are architectural barrier-free designed in order to facilitate access to the disabled.










Medi-Pragma has proprietary dynamic Databases, including >200.000 records in the Healthcare: Physicians: GP – Paediatrician – Dermatologist – Haematologist – Oncologist – Gynaecologist – Surgeon – Orthopaedic – Geriatrician – Gastroenterologist – Endocrinologist Patients: Diabetes – Cardiovascular – Nutrition – Infectious Diseases – Oncology – Rare diseases – Dermatology – Contraception – Ophthalmology – Respiratory – Consumers Stakeholders: Retail Pharmacist – Hospital Pharmacist – Local Healt Autority – Hospital Directors – Health Politicians – Medical Associations – Patient Associations – End Users – Care Givers – Nurseri