Innovation Center



“If necessity is the mother of invention, then business need is the father of innovation.” Steve Crom

Medi-Pragma INNOVATION setting follow Jugaad Principles:

  • Seek opportunity in adversity (resilience)
  • Do more with less
  • Think and act in flexibly (Just in time)
  • Keep it simple (Solution on demand)
  • Include the margin
  • Follow your heart
  • Customer is our priority prospective (Customer insight/centric)

INNOVATION in Medi-Pragma needs/means KNOWLEDGE and vice versa! But INNOVATION and KNOWLEDGE not are the same because they put the emphasis on two different issues:

  • INNOVATION emphasizes the act (single) which breaks the previous balance(discontinuity)
  • KNOWLEDGE focuses on the process that takes and follow that act (spread)

The spread multiply the value of innovation through the re-use:

  • Followingthe trackof INNOVATION is seeking individuals and ideas unpredictable, arising out of the norm;
  • Following the trail of KNOWLEDGE you search for the system that generates systemic such situations;




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