Insight Methodologies & Techniques

“There are no facts, only interpretations” Friedrich Nietzsche

Medi-Pragma employs are experienced consultants in industrial and medical psychology for conducting groups and analyzing groups’ content data analysis are conducted through the most innovative sociological  and psych-attitudinal approach and statistical technics.

Medi-Pragma is a Solution Oriented Partner as we approach each new Projects with Simplicity, Spirit of Innovation and Methodology. We believe the “Customized Project” approach can better meet customer’s expectations because it can help the Management take VALUABLE Business Decision.

Based on previous consideration we use with care a wide spread of Methodologies & Techniques, following you can find some of them:

Methodologies & Techniques
Techniques of Analysis:     o   LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®o   Job to Be Done

o   Research techniques with children

o   Projective & Heuristics techniques

o   Semiotics

o   Customer portrait

o   Grounded Theory & Situational Analysis

o   Brainstorming & Osborn Technique

o   From StoryTelling through StoryBoarding to StorySelling

o   Mind Mapping

o   Business Gaming & War Gaming

o   De Bonos six thinking hats & Lateral Thinking

o   BOGSAT_Bunch of Old Guys(/Gals)
Sitting Around Talking

o   NLP_ Neuro-linguistic programming

o   Eye tracking

o   Facial Expression Reading

o   Voice Stress Analysis

Ricerche Qualitative Medi-Pragma

Interviste con Pazienti Medi-Pragma





Methodologies & Techniques:
Techniques of Analysis:o   Customer satisfactiono   CBBE: Keller’s Brand Equity Model

o   TURF

o   Reputation

o   Voice of Customer

o   Kano model

o   Structural Equation Model

o   Econometrics model, ROI & Lorenz curve

o   Forecasting model

o   Montecarlo Analysis

o   Analytic Hyerarchy Process

o   Market Segmentation

o   Market potential

o   Conjoint analysis, Discriminant analysisMANOVA , etc…

o   Markov Chain

o   Bayesian Inference

o   Cluster analysis

o   Shift share analysis

o   Customer loyalty analysis

o   Price sensitivity (Gabor Granger,
Van Westendorp, Trade-off analysis, …)

o   Carry over,

o   Rash Model

Ricerche Quantitative Medi-Pragma

MEDI-PRAGMA è l’agenzia di ricerche di mercato che vorrei nel Market Access

Methodologies of data Collection    o   Ethnographico   AutoEthnographico   DELPHI Methodo   Mystery Shopping

o   Full Focus Groups

o   Mini Focus Groups

o   Creative Focus Groups

o   Advisory Board

o   Workshop

o   IDI’s in Central Location & Field

o   Teledepht

o   Motivational Interview

o   Duo

o   Triad

o   Mini Groups

o   Web discussion


o   Diary

o   Delphi Online

o   Online focus group

o   Online Pseudo-Depth Interview

o   Chat Interview

o   etc..


Methodologies of data Collection:o   CATIo   CAWIo   CAPIo   PAPI

o   Face to Face

o   Phone to WEB

o   Etc..