Values and Culture

Medi-Pragma’s success is demonstrated by the company’s growth, measured by profit and customers and employees’ satisfaction.

Medi-Pragma believes that its main duties are:

  • to perfectly understand what the client needs and wants;
  • to establish long-standing, strong relationships with its clients;
  • to guarantee expertise and planning capacity at a very high level in order to
    – work better with clients on “problem solving”
    – develop its human resources which are essential to its success.

Since 1984, we have offered tailor-made solutions to pharmaceutical, cosmetic and diagnostic companies and we are amongst the best specialists in Healthcare in Europe.

We work side by side with our Clients in each phase of the Market Research: from problem identification  to field work, data interpretation and presentation of results, from Communication Research to Customer Satisfaction; we are ready to deal with any strategical problem involved.

Our ethical code
(In Italian)

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